Yasuni Sacred Land

Considered as the best biodiverse destination in the world, Napo Wildlife Center offers a new tourist experience, Napo Cultural Center is a unique and innovative project, which presents a high differentiating profile and a strong vocation for international tourism market.

Napo Cultural Center offers high comfort accommodation and quality services, distinctive and personalized, with an integrated complex prepared to fully respond to the guests' needs; this is the main touristic offer in the Ecuadorian Amazon Region, allowing its clients a rare and complete experience, full of privacy and exclusivity.

The project consists in 16 independent cabins, in the form of small eco friendly houses with very nice areas (allows up to 3 guests) with location scattered around the Anangu Kichwa village, with a privileged view over the forest; all the building materials invoke nature - wood and vertical gardens. It also features restaurant, bar and souvenir shop.

Environmentally friendly, promotes physical and spiritual experiences, moments of leisure, individually and within groups, both inside and outside the village; a concept that emphasizes the qualities of life and nature, ecology, water, land, leisure, health and well-being.

Perfect for couples, families and groups of friends, for a holiday or short break, Napo Cultural Center offers the single opportunity to enjoy a contact with nature, but near the main cultural attractions of Anangu Kichwa Community.


With 16 ample and comfortable cabins, the lodge accommodates a total of 48 people, distributed in suites, doubles and triple rooms. Our fully equipped cabins feature electricity, ventilation water and a private bathroom, with a balcony and hammock surrounded by beautifully groomed natural gardens. The restaurant, serving local, and international food, has a maximum capacity of 60 people.

At Napo Cultural Center, we put all our efforts to provide an unforgettable jungle experience, far from the troubles of modern-day life, where you will be sure to find solace and relaxation amidst singing birds, while experiencing the ageless customs, traditions and legends of the Kichwa culture.

Mini Suites

Enjoy our four Brand newmini-suites designed for more comfort featuring:

• A bigger room space of 42 m2 (140sq. feet)

• Living-room

• Minibar

• “Waterfall” Style Shower

• Window in ceiling

• Amenities: Slippers, bathrobe, bath salts

• 100% cotton towels

• Outside porch with seats and hammock to admire the rainforest.

Role model of Management


Food service is based on combining local, national and international cuisine. The varieties of exotic fruits and organic products are a special. Hot beverage such as tea or coffee is available all day.

Waste management:

All waste is classified and separated into organic and non-organic.

Alternative and solar energy:

The energy at the ecolodge is generated by ecologic generators and solar panels.


Is a fuel gas generated in natural media reactions biodegradation of organic matter by the action of microorganisms in the absence of oxygen, implemented in the community Añangu and Napo Cultural Center this year from becoming an example of sustainable tourism and management model to replicate the benefit of nature.