Practical information

The Napo Cultural Center is located on the banks of the Napo River in the beautiful Ecuadorian city of Francisco de Orellana, the most important city in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. This town is also known as “Coca”, where the beautiful waters of both, the Coca River and the Napo River flow.
Due to the oil boom and the works made in the last years, you can find different means of progress that transport in Coca, a characteristic that makes it a great tourism point in the Amazon. The city has an airport, a highway that connects to the main cities of the country and different Rivers that connect to the inland areas of the Amazon.


There are some things you will need to take with you to the Napo Cultural Center to make your stay a safe and unforgetabble experience. Some of these things are:

  • Passport and identity card.
  • Baggage: we recommend you that when preparing the bags for your travel to the Amazon, you take with you all the things you need to as for example, medicines and some personal care items.
  • A comfortable backpack: at the Napo Cultural Center there are so many outdoor activities to do, you surely need a backpack to carry some things you will probably need such as: towels, medicines, sunglasses, you camera, a water bottle, etc.


  • A hat or something to protect your head from the sun.
  • shirts or impermeable material shirts (some long sleeve).
  • Sweatpants: these pants are very practical for hiking and are easy to dry.
  • Short (better if they are waterproof).
  • Socks (recommend two pairs per day).
  • Sneakers (suitable for excursions).
  • Comfortable underwear.

  • Sunglasses.
  • A Swimwear.
  • Mosquitos Repellent.
  • Sunscreen.
  • A flashlight (if they are better head).
  • Sandals to be more comfortable within the hotel.
  • Cash: It is advisable to have extra money in cash.

  • Warning: If your personal baggage exceeds the 20kg airline will charge extra for spending the weight limit stipulated by individual.

    It is always good to take the necessary safety precautions before leaving home. A tourist trip is equivalent to enjoy, but also implies responsibility. Be sure you have everything with you before you leave and enjoy an incredible trip to the Amazon.


  • Taking videos and photos of the community homes is not allowed. (Ask for permission in advance to coordinate with our staff).
  • Please walk just in the marked paths, don’t try to wander by yourself, because you could get lost in the forest.
  • Don’t throw any kind of garbage in the path; always use the garbage cans.
  • Always ask any question that you might and follow your guide instructions: Please don’t feed or touch any animal, don’t cut or step in the plants.
  • Use headphones, when listening to music in your personal devices.
  • Hunting fishing is not allowed.
  • Don’t use your camera flash.